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2023 Self-Care Planner

& Affirmation Calendar Included!

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. Wherever you are, you are about to start on a beautiful new chapter of your life’s journey.

Are you going to close your eyes and hope for the best?
Are you going to get clear? 


I am inviting you to set some intentions for the next twelve months and beyond. This is not about perfection, or about getting things right or making yourself crazy with scattered goals and dreams. This is about living with purpose. This is about taking care of you.

Every single day, every week, this entire year... and the best place to start?

Exactly where you are right now and by getting creative, focused, and energized!

A vision board is not just a collection of wishes, it's a glimpse into the future that you envision for yourself and your life. 

Held in a beautiful space at the Enterprise Library in Las Vegas, this time together will be one of meditation, peaceful conversation, inward reflection, and an opportunity to open up to the highest idea for your days and years to come. 

Put the Law of Attraction to work for you! 
Learn how to put power in your affirmations!
Release the mind-clutter and bring your vision into focus! 
Let your creative energy take charge! 

Give this as a gift to yourself of someone you love! 

Enterprise Library
8310 South Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89123


Candlelight Meditation
Time for Contemplation
All Materials Provided
Peace - Energy - Love

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