CSLGLV Senior Minister, 

Rev. Laura Hallett

My personal goal for ministry is to have a vision-led, heart-centered, thriving center that is actively involved in the greater community. I have a passion and a desire to share the principles and the practices inherent to the Science of Mind Philosophy with others as well as assist people in developing a mystical consciousness. 


A Note from Rev. Laura

Greetings Beloved Friends!


As life is heating up here in our beautiful desert, things are also heating up here at Center for Spiritual Living, Greater Las Vegas. We are continuing our exploration of CSL's 2022 Global Theme: Living Everyday Wonder. Each month we look at a different life struture and focus our study on how we can experience more everyday wonder in that area of our life. For the month of May our topic of exploration is our Emotions. We are going to be exploring different aspects of our emotional life and looking to find the wonder and awe that can be experienced in the various nuances of our emotions.


New Building Update


The process of purchasing our new building is proceeding smoothly. We are currently in the escrow part of the process of completing the purchase of the building. At the end of April, the Leadership Council selected the contractor who will be building the interior structure of our new Center. The Relocation Committee secured three bids from local contractors. All were vetted through the Better Business Bureau and the Nevada State Board of Contractors. We read testimonials from former clients of each contractor and discussed each one with some of our community members who work in the construction field. After much deliberation and consultation, we chose a well-established, versatile construction company to partner with us in creating the NEW Center for Spiritual Living, Greater Las Vegas.


Reimagining Community for CSLGLV

A conversation series


We are continuing our series of community conversations regarding the creation of the NEW Center For Spiritual Living, Greater Las Vegas to get the input of our entire community. This is an opportunity for you to let your voice be heard and give us the valuable information we need to make the best decisions as we move forward. Our session on Saturday, May 14th is being held in person at the Clark County Library on East Flamingo at 11:00AM.


CSLGLV Education


I'm pleased to announce that we will be offering a newly revised version of the CSL certified class Visioning: A Way of Life this summer. Visioning is one of our most transformative and powerful spiritual practices that incorporates meditation, intuitive listening, and journaling. This is a six week course that not only takes you through the steps of visioning and the rationale behind it, it takes you one step further by teaching how to actually apply what is revealed through the visioning process in your life on a daily basis. In this revised version of the Visioning class, you'll learn to use some of our other spiritual practices to take what is revealed to you in visioning and use it to transform your life, to enhance projects that you're working on, and to create a world that works not only for you but for others around you. This course is offered on Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 9:00 PM starting June 9th and completing July 14th. Classes will be held online via our Zoom platform. You can register for the class using this link: https://cslglv.breezechms.com/form/Visioning2022.


Community Support


I continue to be committed to meeting with our members. I’d like to get to know you better and provide spiritual support for you. I’ve set up a link to allow you to schedule a private meeting with me. Just click on the link below and it will allow you to schedule with me at your convenience. I’m available Tuesday – Thursday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.



I’m always available by email at revlaura@cslglv.org. Please feel free to contact me with your suggestion, comments, or concerns.


Peace and Blessings,

Rev. Laura

Community Support

I am committed to meeting with each and every member of CSLGLV! If you would like to get together, for spiritual support or to get to know each other better, click the link below to schedule a time.

I am available for appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 to 5:00.