Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are you reopening?
A: We have a committee looking at locations for in-person services as well as activities. We expect in-person activities in 2021 though at the moment the timing is not yet clear.

Q: What happened to the old location?
A: We sold our property in March 2021. (see “Where is the new location?”)

Q: Where is the new location?
A: We are starting the search for a new location to hold services, classes, and events. There is no timeline available at this point. As this develops, we will post more information on our website, send updates via our eblasts , and announce it in our services, which you can find on YouTube





Q: When will we have a new minister?
A: In March we started the cocreation process to attract our new senior minister. Our Covenant Team created the New Minister Sacred Covenant which is available here
The New Minister Search Committee is currently finishing our center profile that will be posted on the National CSL website for ministers. We will inform our membership when we have candidates to present.

Q. When will we begin live Sunday Services? 

A. The Leadership Council is actively exploring locations for our Sunday Services.  We have identified several temporary options for community gatherings. It is our intention to meet for in-person services beginning in mid-July.  Please listen for upcoming announcements.

An important message from the Leadership Council

Christine Paige, RScP - President

Shelia Callum, RScP - Vice-President

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