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Host sign-ups start April 21st!

It's almost time to sign up to host a Gourmets for God event! Signing up online is quick and easy, just click the button and get creative! You can also stop by the G4G table in the lobby on Sundays for more information or to fill out a form in person.

These events include the opportunity to try different cuisines, treats, and activities. In the past, we've had everything from picnics to elegant extravaganzas!


Let's make memories and raise money for our Center! 


Gourmets for God Information

What is Gourmets for God?

Gourmets for God is a fun, spirit-filled fundraiser full of activities and food! These events are wonderful opportunities to experience different foods, spend time with old friends, and welcome new ones!  Once hosts have submitted events, the bidding will start! Watch for dates!

How do I host an Event?

Do you like hosting, cooking, or making new friends? If so, this is the fundraiser for you. Events can be almost anything as long as it involves food!

Here are some helpful hints... 

1. Decide on a theme and activity

  • Themes are fun but if you don't have one, that is okay. It can be as easy as "A Gathering of Friends"

  • Do you have a passion to share? Maybe you would like to teach about something you love or share a common interest in music or art.

  • What are you interested in? Consider your answer as a theme for your G4G event!

2. It's all about the food​!

  • First, think about cuisine you enjoy and how you can share it with others.

  • These can be from your heritage or family history, a place you have visited, or just something you like.

  • Will you cook or have it catered?

  • You can even host a dinner at a restaurant!

3. Drinks all around!​

  • Will you serve cocktails? 

  • What non-alcoholic options will you provide?

4. Your place or another?

  • Where will your event be hosted? 

  • You can host at your home, a friends house, a park, restaurant, business, or anywhere

  • How many people can you accommodate?

  • Sit down dinner, buffet, or cocktail service?

  • Is it family friendly or adults only?

  • Do you have pets, accessibility concerns, and parking?

Watch for updates!

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