Secret Santa

You can celebrate this holiday season by sponsoring a child that will probably miss having a visit from Santa this year.  Children for the Secret Santa Project are chosen that do not qualify for assistance from the usual sources.  They are from the “working poor” families or families that have recently had an emergency and the money saved for Christmas has been spent to take care of the urgent situation. This year, Covid-19 has affected even more families. Your generous gift could possibly be the only presents for these disadvantaged children. 

For those that wish to donate money click the link below. Gifts for the children average about $50.00 for clothing and about $50.00 for toys, that’s about $100.00 per child.  Any amount donated is gratefully accepted, pooled together and gifts purchased for the children.

To empower the parents and allow them to maintain their dignity, Santa’s elves will deliver the children’s gifts along with wrapping paper to the parents so please make all donations on or before December 13.  For questions or to learn more, contact Judy Poteete.

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