Kayleigh Marshall

1. What has it meant to you to grow up with Science of Mind?

  • Growing up in Science of Mind has shown me that I have a strong foundation for how I view the world and others. Living in this teaching has taught me many things, from personal stress management all the way to how to manifest all of my dreams.

2. What do you like the most about the teaching? 

  • What I like most about this teaching is the friends that I’ve made along the way. I’ve met some of my favorite people along my spiritual journey, and I’ve even gone to camp to grow more with them! They’re seriously the best, so shoutout to all of the Vegas teens plus my camp friends!

3. Tell us about your leadership position with CSL.

  • Being on the International CSL Teen Leadership Team has been an absolute blessing so far! Essentially what I do as part of the team is host/attend meetings, make weekly social media posts, help create workshops, and create a camp environment that everyone feels welcomed, valid, heard, and love in!

4. What was your best CSL teen camp experience? 

  • There are a bunch of little moments I love at camp, such as the cool breeze in the early morning while walking down to the Peace Center, or when they serve turkey subs, or when you hug someone for the first time in a year… But I think the best CSL teen camp experience of mine is one that we experience at every camp! Every night, we sing a special song called Now the Night to close out the day and on the last night of the week, there’s always a moment of silence the whole camp has because everyone just wants to hold onto camp a little longer. The room is filled with tears, and really, really tight hand holding while we try to have this time of silence go on for another moment. Those moments are always so special to me.

5. What’s your favorite movie and why?

  • I have a lot of movies I love to watch - but the first one that comes to mind is Jojo Rabbit. It came to mind because of how prevalent its message is in today’s political/social climate. Jojo Rabbit is about a little boy who grows up in the 1940’s wanting to be a soldier in Hitler’s regime. Because of where Jojo grew up and the people he was surrounded by (mainly influenced by the adults), he developed a lot of prejudices against Jewish people. When he is forced to stay home after an accident, he starts hearing strange noises coming from inside his walls. Jojo soon discovers that his mother has been hiding a Jewish girl from the war in his home. At first, he was scared of her… but soon enough, he realized that all of the hateful ideas he had about Jewish people weren’t true at all. This relates a lot to today’s conversation revolving around racial injustice. Everyone has biases they need to unlearn. Part of unlearning hateful and restricting ideas is what helps create a world that works for EVERYONE and for ALL OF CREATION. Jojo faced his racist ideas head on and unlearned his prejudice. When given an opportunity to listen to the oppressed and understand, he took it and recognized how wrong he was. Why do people find it so hard to do that now? To listen? One of, if not the biggest part of Ernest Holmes’ teachings is that we are all created with the same stardust and Love in the Universe - everything we are made of is good and Holy. If you take part of Jojo’s story with you today, let it be the part where he LISTENS to UNDERSTAND instead of HEARING to RESPOND.

Amy Steinberg and Pete Orlanski wrote this song for CSL Teen Camp 2012 in Idyllwild, California.

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