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May Perspective
Doug Allen

Happy May, CSLGLV!


We’ve had big shifts recently, haven’t we?


We’ve experienced some big changes in a very short amount of time. Three months ago if someone had told me we’d be moving our services, classes, and Spirit Groups online, I wouldn’t have believed it. I know it’s been challenging for everyone. For me, when I get frustrated and start asking “why is this happening…” (the unwritten part of this statement is “to me,” which originates from victim mentality,) I make my shift by coming back to my core belief “The Universe always takes care of me”. From there it’s much easier for me to realign with Spirit and know that regardless of what I see and perceive in the outer world, I know at the same time that there is only Love, and the Universe is Conspiring for my highest and greatest good (and yours too) right now. I am thankful for ever talk I have ever heard, every class I have taken, every spiritual group I have participated in, every spiritual mind treatment I have received, and every new relationship I have made at a CSL. Every single bit of this is a contribution to my advancement and the spiritual shifts that I have made on my journey.


Even with all of the change and challenge in our exterior world, it has been immensely inspiring to see how quickly our community adapted to the technology shift as we have taken our community online. We have a wealth of talent, from our spiritual leaders, the Leadership Council, practitioners, volunteers, musicians, the tech team, staff, and members. I have more gratitude than I can possibly express for such a dynamic and amazing community.


I look forward to the time when we can congregate in person again. For now, through technology and also through Spirit, I send each one of you a virtual hug.


Doug Allen

Leadership Council Member


Treasurer's Update
Kelli Marshall, RScP

Hello CSLGLV family, 

Just a quick update for now to let you know that as we transition to a new bookkeeper we are a little delayed in updated information for April.  Please know that they are working diligently to close out the month.  Once it is complete new information will be posted here for you.  

In the meantime, please contact me with any questions or comments.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

Thank you for your continued virtual presence and support.  Knowing we will be together in person soon!  


In gratitude,


Kelli Marshall, RScP

Leadership Council Treasurer



Beloved CSLGLV Community,


It is with great joy that the CSLGLV Leadership Council announces that we have extended a Letter of Call to Reverend Colleen Tanaka to join our Ministerial team. ​


Originally from Winnipeg, Canada, Rev. Colleen is a CSL Practitioner Emeritus (over 20 years of service) and an international speaker and teacher. She has presented workshops at numerous CSL and New Thought Conferences and Centers for the past two decades. Her writing has been published in the Science of Mind magazine’s “Daily Guides to Richer Living.” Rev. Colleen became a licensed CSL Minister in 2017. 


Rev. Colleen has been a member of our CSLGLV community for 30 years. She has continuously facilitated classes, workshops and retreats during those years. She presented “Exploring the Mystical” the fourth Wednesday of every month for more than 15 years. She has served on the Board, the Education Committee, as a member of the Practitioner Leadership Council and as our Vision Core Leader for seven years until 2017. Rev. Colleen has over 25 years experience in administrative work, developing office systems and policies and procedures.


She is an incredible leader with a clear purpose which is “to inspire conscious union with God.” She has many gifts and skills that we feel will be an asset to our community. Her role will include leading our Vision Core, as well as leading us in re-imagining our Vision and Mission Statements. She will assist with our Education Policies and clarifying, prioritizing and systematizing our administrative processes. She will also prepare and present Sunday talks monthly. Of course, she will continue to create and facilitate classes and workshops.


This Letter of Call was extended to Rev. Colleen with the full support and recommendation of our Interim Minister, Rev. John DePalma. Due to the recent governmental implementation of stay-at-home orders and no in-person services, we have had to adapt to virtual services which means that Rev John is not currently traveling here to speak in person. This change has allowed us to reduce our expenses, enabling us to bring on the additional support and leadership of Rev. Colleen while maintaining the guidance and support of Rev. John. Hiring Rev. Colleen will not impact our search for a new senior minister.


We are so excited about what the future holds for our beloved community. We are so grateful that Rev. Colleen has accepted the call and affirm that we are moving forward in faith knowing that the future of CSLGLV is bright and strong. Together we rise! 


Peace and Blessings,


Stacy Vogel, RScP - President

Christine Paige, RScP - Vice-President

Kelli Marshall, RScP - Treasurer

Susannah Paulsen - Secretary

Katy Lingo - Member

Doug Allen - Member

Rev. John DePalma - Interim Minister



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