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June Perspective
Katy Lingo

During the month of May we were blessed with our own Interim Pastor, Rev. John De Palma and three guest speakers offering poignant messages with guidance for the challenges we currently face. In addition, we have re-invented how we gather to worship with the expertise of our stellar CSLGLV Media team. Thank you, Joe Blaum & Family, and Barbara Schweppe. We are in deep gratitude for all you do to broadcast CSLGLV’s message.


We began the month of May with Dr. Mortonette Stephens reminding us that “disease has no power over us when we are in state of peace.”She told us that, “Faith comes from hearing. What are we listening to?” The Master said, “It is done unto you as you believe.” “Seek and ye shall find.” “Ask and it shall be given.” “Knock and it shall be opened unto you.” Dr. Mortonette suggests that we ask the question the “right way.” If health is desired - ask, “Why am I so healthy?” If weakness is the issue - ask, “Why am I so strong?” “When we pray properly...just wait for an answer to pop up!”


Dr. Karmen Smith delivered the Mother’s Day Sunday message. She reminded us that abused and neglected children come from abused and neglected parents. “Identity is based on what we have experienced in life.” What was the childhood experience? Abuse and neglect or unconditional love? “Love liberates and sets us free.”


Rev. John gave this message, that resonated with me, by pointing out some 20th Century history.

A person born in 1900 experienced:

World War I 1917

Influenza Pandemic 1918

Roaring Twenties 20s

The Great Depression 30s

World War II 40s

Polio Epidemic 50s

Bay of Pigs 60s

*Civil Rights Movement 60s

Assassination of our leaders: The Kennedys &

*Martin Luther King Jr. 60s

*Kent State 70s

Watergate 70s


*I added Civil Rights Movement, MLK, and Kent State.


Rev. John asks, “What path are you on?” “What is the greatest version of yourself?”


Lastly, we heard from Rev. Carol Lotts. She reminded me of a most important Truth: “Love is never the question but it is always, always the answer.”


The week preceding Rev. Carol’s message, we witnessed the brutal death of George Floyd, an event that sickened and saddened me. I worked on this essay as I listened to Mr. Floyd’s Memorial Service and I couldn’t help but ask why we as a nation have to be continually challenged with injustice and inequality, seemingly non-stop, based on how much melanin is present in skin, eyes, and hair? I found some answers from re-listening to the messages from the past month.


• Faith comes from hearing. What are we listening to? Ask the question the right way. Why am I so strong? Dr. Mortonette Stephens

• Identity is what we have experienced in life: Abuse and neglect or love. Dr. Karmen Smith


• Evolution is a very, very slow process. Experiences/experiments are repeated over and over again with but the slightest of tweaks. (My words gleaned from Rev. John’s message.) Love is never the question, but it is always, always the answer. Rev. Carol Lotts


How does watching history repeat itself affect our congregation, our spiritual home? If we are vigilant we can choose a righteous path as Rev. John suggests. The Covid-19 Pandemic has shut our doors. How do we open them again? Dr. Mortonette might suggest asking, “Why are so many volunteering to clean and sanitize our Sanctuary? Why is our attendance so high? Why are we getting abundant treasure? The time has come to start knocking!

Katy Lingo

Leadership Council Member


Treasurer's Update
Kelli Marshall, RScP

Hello CSLGLV family, 

We are continuing with our full integration into Quickbooks.  Their live bookkeeping service has been working to reconcile the past fiscal year and prepare us to move into the new one on July 1st.  Because of the complexity of our Center, this has take longer than anticipated to complete.  The April income and expense report is here for you now.  The April Financial Statement and May information are expected to be ready in the next few days.  

As mentioned in the newsletter, the Leadership Council secured a PPP loan for $19,426.  When used toward certain expenses it becomes forgivable and that is how the Council is intending the funds be used.   As a community, we have really come together to support CSLGLV.   Our success in this time would not have been possible without YOU!

Thank you for your continued virtual presence and support.  


In gratitude,


Kelli Marshall, RScP

Leadership Council Treasurer


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