Leadership Council News

Happy February CSLGLV Family! February is the month we celebrate Love. In our teaching the Divine is Unconditional Love and love is our Spiritual Identity. In the name of Love this month we are blessing the release of our building at 1420 E. Harmon Ave. As we release and let go, we open our hearts and minds to honor all the memories created here. There will be a Farewell on Saturday, February 6th, to give those who feel called to say good-bye to the building. Remembering, we are only releasing the building and as we know we, the members, are the church.

As the sale of the building progresses, the Leadership Council is hard at work tying up loose ends related to the property. We will release and update information on the final closing as it becomes available, so please stay tuned.

We want to stay connected to each of you and the Leadership Council and Practitioners are currently reaching out to members ensuring we have correct email addresses and telephone numbers. It is very important during this time of transition that we maintain communication and connection. Please be on the look-out for a telephone call from a Practitioner checking in with you for any changes in your information.

I also want to take this time to celebrate Black History Month. In the philosophy of Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes says, “When we let the love that is within us go out to the God who is in all people and the Divine Presence that is in all things, then we are loving God with all our heart and with all our soul and mind. We are then recognizing the Spirit within us is the same Spirit that we meet in others. This is loving our neighbors as ourselves.” We all can adopt a spiritual practice of loving our neighbors as ourselves and truly exemplify a world that works for everyone. Namaste.

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