Leadership Council News

August Perspective
Kelli Marshall, RScP

Hello everyone, 

For many years I attended the yearly and special meetings and saw the actions and responsibilities of council members as they presented to the community all of the news and updates.  Never did I imagine the time and talent that it takes to make all of this work. 


CSLGLV is not much different than a regular business. All of the same rewards and challenges are there... the building, employees, contractors, volunteers, accounts payable, tracking donations and income, insurance, site rentals, the bookstore and more.  It is a perpetual cycle of responsibilities and the presence of the pandemic has created a whole new world of experiences, including a 100% virtual presence for services, fellowship and classes. It's a lot more than I can explain in just a few paragraphs. 


I want to take a moment to share with you my gratitude for everyone that is serving on the Leadership Council right now... 

Stacy Vogel, thank you for your everpresent calmness and willingness to jump in and lead. 

Christine Paige, thank you for taking on new projects and and volunteering to do so many things.

Susannah Paulsen, thank you for digging in and serving us in such important ways.

Katy Lingo, thank you for your experience and guidance as our longest serving council member. 

Doug Allen, thank you for sharing your super techy skills and the late night emails.

Rev. Colleen, you are a gift to this council and community, thank you. 

I am so proud of all of you. 


It is a pleasure to serve in this way and each day I am grateful for this experience. 

Kelli Marshall, RScP


Treasurer's Update
Kelli Marshall, RScP

Hello CSLGLV family, 

Click the buttons for the May and June income and expense reports.  You will see that the expense noted in May for the installation of our new security camera system and phones is included.  While it does show as a monthly expense, this was paid for with designated funds and our general fund was reimbursed. 

Thank you for your continued virtual presence and support.  


In gratitude,


Kelli Marshall, RScP

Leadership Council Treasurer


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