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Spring is officially here! Spring is a season of rebirth, renewal, growth, and love. Center for Spiritual Living Greater Las Vegas is renewing our very existence, growing in all directions, and loving our neighbor. We are a congregation that is on the cusp of a new beginning and yet we have a lot of history. Our city and the entire world have been through the storm and like a spring flower, we are emerging anew. We have cast off our shell and have the freedom to soar. The sky is not even our limit; we are not confined by any structure so let's dream a new dream, a new minister, a new location. What is your highest idea for our tomorrow? The highest vision for CSLGLV? Begin praying with that in mind, be still, wait, and allow God to answer.

What must I become or what must I embody for this vision to fulfill itself? Do I need to engage in some additional spiritual practice in order to make a few changes in my life? Do you need to make a few changes? What are some of these changes? We must release all separation and rest in the Oneness as we all move toward a new minister, a new physical home, a reawakening of our spiritual lives.

What am I to release and let go of to be an open space for the highest idea to unfold? Are you fearful about moving forward? Are you not trusting the process? Are you reading our New Minister Sacred Covenant daily? Breathe into the process. Add your own intentions at the end of the covenant. Know the Truth about yourself and about our community. We are God in expression.

What must we embrace to support the highest unfolding of this vision? I am embracing Freedom through clarity and open-mindedness. Embrace Freedom with me. I know God aright is life eternal. I just simply live in the awareness of the Presence and behold God’s Grace unfolding. Come into the silence with me and live this profound awareness. And then, I wait. I listen. I watch God do its thing. Let’s wait, listen, and watch together.

Along with the entire membership, the Leadership Council is working toward attracting a new minister by performing this same exercise. We are visioning. We are waiting. We are listening. God is all about making things new.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are you reopening?
A: We have a committee looking at locations for in-person services as well as activities. We expect in-person activities in 2021 though at the moment the timing is not yet clear.

Q: What happened to the old location?
A: We sold our property in March 2021. (see “Where is the new location?”)

Q: Where is the new location?
A: We are starting the search for a new location to hold services, classes, and events. There is no timeline available at this point. As this develops, we will post more information on our website, send updates via our eblasts , and announce it in our services, which you can find on YouTube





Q: When will we have a new minister?
A: In March we started the cocreation process to attract our new senior minister. Our Covenant Team created the New Minister Sacred Covenant which is available here
The New Minister Search Committee is currently finishing our center profile that will be posted on the National CSL website for ministers. We will inform our membership when we have candidates to present.

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