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Anne Eisele, RScP
Ministerial Intern

Anne Eisele has spent her career in the field of sustainability and energy management. Currently, she is working with communities and industry promoting a socially engaged just environment that helps them reduce their carbon and water footprint.


Anne is studying to become a Center for Spiritual Living Minister as well as pursuing a Master of Consciousness at the Holmes Institute. She is passionate about helping the under-represented and voiceless to creative healthy and joyous lives, especially older adults.


Anne is an avid swimmer and outdoor enthusiast. She deeply believes in the healing principles of the mind, body, and spirit and incorporates those beliefs in her work.

We are embarking on a 4-week journey "Exploring Emotions". During this month’s lectures we will explore how to thrive during life’s transitions and challenges with clarity and compassion. A lot of the information will be coming from this month’s book, “We Were Made for These Times” by Kaira Jewel Lingo.


Week 1: Coming Home - May 4th

We will explore how to thrive while going through times of transition, challenges and difficulties. All of us go through difficult times but by staying present, openhearted and accepting we bring clarity and compassion to these life circumstances.


Week 2: Weathering the Storms - May 11th

We will explore how to deal with feeling overwhelmed and the 5 steps of caring for strong emotions. Practicing mindfulness can help us care for strong emotions. Then the next time we experience strong emotions they are slower to arise, less intense and pass more quickly. Over time, strong emotions begin to have an ever-weaker hold on us and we become more and more free.


Week 3: Impermanence and Balance - May 18th

We will explore how to find balance in the midst of turbulence and see ourselves as more than the struggles in our lives. Facing the truth of impermanence frees us to live our lives without being ruled by our deepest fears. The more we bring our fears into conscious awareness and look at them clearly, the less we are controlled by them.


Week 4: We Were Made For These Times - May 25th

We will explore equanimity, gratitude and how all that we have learned has prepared us to live our fullest life. Equanimity or inclusiveness allows us to keep an open mind and see the entire situation. Gratitude is a very powerful way to nurture the good. All that we have learned in these four weeks have prepared us to meet the times in which we live.

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